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This Saturday is my first ever brevet. I will be doing a 200km brevet with my dad and about 40 other people. I will be taking my Crosscheck/ gravel monster/ road destroyer/ chase magnet/ overall road machine. I have decided to take the tandem wheels off and the rack and put on some Bontrager Race-Lite wheels, nice Serfas 28c tires, and my trusty Brooks B-17. It should be a good ride. I will write my post ride thoughts on Sunday when I recover.


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Interbike just happened in lovely Las Vegas and I have been trying to keep up with all the news of new bicycle products! I’m excited about the overall reduction in prices I have seen. it seems that prices are starting to fall which may be an indication of the better economy or maybe because the materials are cheaper and easier to acquire.

One bike, i’m very interest in the New Surly Troll Because of its cheap price, ($495 Complete!!) and great value. I would be very interested in buying one of those. I could possibly put my Nexus hub on it! I can dream at least. I also like the new white colored Pugsley and the new Steamroller look.

The new Surly Troll.

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This is my 1983 Rossin Super Record. It is a lugged Reynolds or Columbus tubed Italian made frame. It is a short wheelbase 58″ or 57″ frame. Made for short distance races or rides. The ride is very hard and you can definitely feel every bump. Now it is set up as a single speed with a Brooks Pro saddle and some new 700c wheels. I just need to find a smaller stem and maybe some stainless steel fenders. I have never seen a Rossin with a grey frame. They usually have crazy fluorescent frame colors and crazy geometry. I will this post when I can take photos of its current state.

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So I have a spare Nexsus 7 speed hub laying around that I don’t know what to do with. I could put it on my Raleigh but I don know if the hub could take the bumps. I would like to put it on my Crosscheck put then I couldn’t really tour. Perhaps I should put it on a new karate monkey. Oh the possibilities.


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I have outfitted my Surly Crosscheck with 40 spoke tandem wheels and front and rear racks to become my touring bike. I built the front rack myself using a no name rear rack. I works great and can carry a bunch of stuff.

Ready to Tour!

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Hello everyone! This will be a blog where i will be discussing bicycle related topics as well as other outdoor and adventure  type activities. Enjoy!

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